How to Take Stunning Selfies

by David Em

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With the increased usage of social media comes more selfies. Learn the steps and get ideas for poses to take your best selfie.

Woman wearing glasses and taking a selfie with a blue background.

Steps for a flawless selfie

While a selfie may seem easy to do, many factors come into play. From the perfect pose to the best angle, learn the steps and get the most effective tips to make yourself more photogenic in your selfies.

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The following are the steps to taking a flawless selfie:

1. Find good lighting. A well-lit self-portrait is the best one. To ensure that you look your best, make sure there’s good lighting. Natural lighting looks the best. So, try standing near a window or go outside. Also, keep an eye on the shadows that it casts. Avoid having a huge shadow on your face.

2. Point the camera slightly down. When you’re taking a selfie, looking up towards the camera makes you look more attractive. However, don’t place the phone too high. The goal is to have the bottom of the phone at eye level. This ensures that you’re slightly looking up.

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3. Relax your mouth. To look natural, relax your mouth. If you exhale through your lips, it’ll make your mouth look relaxed and loosen your jaw. It allows you to have a natural and appealing appearance.

4. Keep the background minimal. Unless the background plays an important role in the photo, a selfie is all about you. Therefore, keep the background free of distractions. A minimal and simple background is perfect.

5. Express yourself. While the neutral look is a great pose, feel free to express yourself. Try different facial expressions and when you smile, do it with passion.

6. Edit your selfie or use filters. Use filters and edit in a way that enhances how you look. Be careful of over-editing because it’ll look unnatural. Keep it simple by using subtle filters.

Transform your selfies by following the right steps. Find good lighting, use flattering angles, relax, and be yourself. If you can do that, your selfies will look flawless.

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Person wearing an overcoat and taking a selfie inside.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

There are many poses and angles that you can try. The following is a list of fun, attractive, and simple selfie poses:

  • Stand in front of a mirror and take a photo with the phone to the side.
  • Frame your face by using one hand to act like you’re fixing your hair.
  • Take a full-body selfie with a self-timer and shift your weight to one hip.
  • Tilt your head.
  • Cover a part of your face.
  • Lay down on the ground and smile.
  • Look away from the camera.
  • Hold the phone or camera with both hands.
  • Snap a selfie of your shoes or feet to show what you’re doing.
  • Use the rule of thirds by placing yourself in a third of the frame.
  • Use your hand to lightly touch your face.

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Instead of snapping a bunch of random selfies, learn the steps to taking a flawless one. It ensures that you take a good selfie every time. With great lighting and a nice angle, you’ll be happier with the results, look more attractive and photogenic.

Featured image courtesy of Canva.

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