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Portraits Refined (PR) is a media company that publishes the latest expert-backed portrait photography tips, in-depth camera gear reviews, and helpful advice to grow your photography business. From learning about setting up your camera to online marketing techniques, Portraits Refined is your trusted resource.

Our Mission

Our mission at Portraits Refined is to provide proven and expert-backed information, tools, and resources that you need to become a better photographer.

Whether you want to learn photography techniques, review cameras, or improve your business, Portraits Refined is your complete guide for all things portrait photography.

We’re committed to providing accurate and high-quality information that you can rely on to become the best possible photographer.

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Editorial Guidelines

At Portraits Refined, we take pride in our articles’ quality, accuracy, and helpfulness. We create original and engaging content to help you become a better photographer and grow your business.

We also share unbiased product reviews that are independently tested and reviewed.

We’re open to receiving feedback. If you read an article that you think needs to be improved or corrected, please email [email protected].

Each article on Portraits Refined is professionally edited before it’s published. We check spelling, grammar, quality, readability, and image quality.

Also, we regularly check the articles to make sure it’s up-to-date. If an article is updated, it’ll be indicated at the top of the article.

How We Make Money

Portraits Refined is entirely reader-supported, meaning we receive compensation from advertisements, sponsored content, and affiliate partnerships.

This is what makes it possible for Portraits Refined to provide the best photography advice, tips, and reviews without you having to pay a membership fee.

While we may receive compensation, it doesn’t affect our editorial integrity. The opinions expressed on Portraits Refined are of the author’s alone. They haven’t been reviewed or approved by any company or another entity.

We strive to be upfront about the content that we receive compensation for by making it clear at the beginning of an article if it’s a sponsored post or includes affiliate links.

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We’re always looking for experienced and qualified freelance writers who have a passion for portrait photography.

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Please note that writers are carefully selected and go through a vetting process. We look for knowledge, expertise, enthusiasm, and excellent communication.

Founder of Portraits Refined

David Em.

David Em is the founder of Portraits Refined and a published portrait photographer. He created Portraits Refined to help portrait photographers grow in every area, including business and composition techniques. David Em is also the founder and CEO of Everyone Media Group, the parent company of Portraits Refined. David is an entrepreneur who has a background in finance, marketing, e-commerce, and digital media.

“Photography is just like any other business. You need to develop your skills, grow your mindset and implement your knowledge.”

David Em

About Portraits Refined

Portraits Refined (PR) is a media company that publishes the latest expert-backed portrait photography tips, in-depth camera gear reviews, and advice to grow your photography business. Learn more about Portraits Refined