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How to Get Photography Clients (10 Ways That Work)

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A to Z: Photography Terms Glossary

There are many terms and jargon in photography. Learn the most common photography terms to improve your skills as a photographer.
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32 Creative Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Maternity pictures document a special moment in life. Get inspired by beautiful and meaningful maternity photoshoot ideas.
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The Best Fujifilm X Lenses in 2024

Fujifilm X Series cameras are well-rounded and produce beautiful images. Find out what the best Fujifilm X-mount lenses are in 2022.
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How to Resize an Image in Photoshop

Learn how to resize an image in Photoshop without losing details and image quality. You’ll have the perfect crop and sharpness.
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What’s Flat Lighting in Photography?

Flat lighting is the easiest photography lighting pattern to produce. It creates minimal contrast, which can be good or bad.
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The 6 Best Sigma Art Lenses in 2024

Sigma is a third-party camera lens manufacturer. It offers the Art series, competing with top-tier lenses. Learn about the best Sigma Art lenses.
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How to Use Kelvin White Balance in Photography

Kelvin is a unit of temperature. In photography, it’s a method to manually set the white balance. Use kelvin white balance for better photos.
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The Complete Guide to Adorable Children’s Photography

Whether you’re taking pictures of your kids or doing children’s photography for a living, learn how to capture beautiful photos of kids.
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How to Choose a Camera Battery

While cameras come with a battery, it’s beneficial to have a backup for long shoots or in case it gets damaged. Learn how to choose one.

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