5 Ways to Look Slimmer in Photos

by David Em

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Specific posing techniques will make you appear thinner in photos. Learn what they are, why they work, and how to do it.

Greyscale portrait of a person with their arms above their head.

1. Slightly stick out your chin

The best way to avoid the double-chin is to slightly stick your chin out. This will also make your jaw look more defined, and elongate your neck.

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Once you’ve stuck out your chin, make sure it’s pointed towards the light. It’ll illuminate your face and eyes, which is the main focus of the image.

2. Make sure the camera shoots from a high-angle

Getting your photo taken from below isn’t a flattering angle because it can make you look heavier. Therefore, make sure your photos are taken from a high angle.

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When the camera is slightly above you, you’re forced to look up, which helps you stick out your chin. By looking up, it also elongates your neck, which makes you look thinner.

3. Have good posture

Pull your shoulders back because it’ll make you look leaner. Being hunched over will make you look wider, and less confident.

Not only will good posture make you appear thinner, but it’ll also make you look more confident.

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4. Shift your weight to one side

By shifting your weight to one side and popping your hip out towards the camera, you’ll create an s-curve in your spine, which makes the pose more flattering.

Instead of looking boxy, the s-curve adds shape and curves, which make you appear thinner around the midsection.

When you shift your weight, make sure your head faces the same way that your hip is pointing.

5. Turn your body away from the light

Turning your body away from the light is an excellent way to appear thinner because it adds depth and dimension.

When you’re standing square to the camera, and the light is even across your entire body, you’ll look flat and square.

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Instead, turn your body away from the light to create shadows. The darkness and contrast will make you look thinner.

It’ll also cause your arms to bend. This creates space between your arms and your body. The gap between your arms and body makes you look more flattering and slim.

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