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Hashtags are important to use because they make your photos and videos more discoverable. Learn what the best ones are.

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The importance of hashtags

A hashtag is used to organize different keywords and interests when a user searches for it.

They’re used by placing a word or phrase after a pound sign or hash mark (#).

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Hashtags are important because they help you reach more people and organize your content.

By using relevant hashtags, your account and photos will be exposed to more people.

This benefits you because you can get more inquiries, book more clients and grow a following on Instagram.

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Best portrait photography hashtags

The following are the best portrait photography hashtags for Instagram:

#pursuitofportraits #portraitoftheday #postthepeople #portraitphotography #portrait_vision #cityports #portrait_mood #portrait_ig #portraitworld #portraitmode #portraitgames #portrait_shot #portraitsvisuals #portraitsedition #globalportraits #portrait_perfection #postmoreportraits #discoverportrait #portraitsquad #ourportraitsdays #theportraitcentral #igportraits #moodyports #earth_portraits #yourvisiongallery

Note: Hashtags aren’t case sensitive, so don’t worry about capitalization because it won’t make a difference.

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How to get featured

Hashtags help you gain exposure, which also allows you to get featured.

Many times, a feature page will find your photo through a hashtag and feature your image.

Not only will you get more exposure with the hashtag, but you’ll also be able to tap into the feature account’s audience.

Another way to get featured is to tag an actual feature account on the image.

The account will get a notification when you do this and might repost your photo.

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Tag the following feature accounts:

Instagram AccountHow to Get Featured
@portraitfolkUse #portraitfolk
@portraitgamesUse #portraitgames
@portrait_societyUse #portraitsociety
@portraitfestivalFollow & use #portraitfestival
@portraits_mfUse #portraits_mf
@idealportraitUse #idealportrait
@moodyportsUse #moodyports
@portraitpageUse #portraitpage
@canonusaSubmit on “My Canon Story
@adoramaUse #adorama
@nikonusaUse #nikonnofilter
@sonyalphaUse #sonyalpha

Frequently asked questions

What’s the best number of hashtags to use?

Although the limit is 30 per post, many marketing experts will say that it looks like spam when you use that much. Therefore, it’s best to use 5 to 25 hashtags per image.

Should I use location-specific hashtags?

Yes, location-specific hashtags are great because you’re reaching a targeted audience. For example, if you use #miamiportraits, the people who see your photo are probably looking for a portrait photographer in Miami.

Should I put the hashtags in my description or as a comment?

They can be placed in either section because both places will serve the same purpose. If you want your description box to look clean and minimal, use your hashtags as a comment. If you want to be able to edit the hashtags later, place them in the description.


Hashtags are an important aspect of Instagram and it’ll benefit you as a photographer. It makes your content easier to discover, reaches more people, and can help grow your audience.

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