The 9 Best Camera Straps (Comfortable and Effective)

by David Em

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Camera straps allow you to conveniently carry your camera, quickly change lenses, and ensure that you don’t drop it.

Camera, lens, and strap on a table.

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1. Peak Design Slide

Peak Design Slide camera strap.
Photo courtesy of Peak Design.

Overall, the Peak Design Slide is the best camera strap. It’s versatile, strong, and one of the most popular in the photography community.

The Slide is designed with modern styling and feels similar to a seat belt since it’s made from nylon webbing.

It has a unique Anchor Link system, which allows you to quickly connect or remove your camera from the strap.

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It also does a great job at holding your camera because it can hold up to 200 pounds.

The bottom line is that it’s a well-made camera strap that’s comfortable and able to hold any camera. It’s minimally designed and looks stylish.

Buy the Slide from Peak Design (opens in a new tab).

2. TARION Camera Strap

Leather and herringbone camera strap connected to a camera.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

The camera strap by TARION offers a vintage and classic look.

The outside of the strap is weaved with cotton, and the inside has a non-slip surface to keep your gear safe.

The strap is comfortable while being sturdy. It also has a quick-release feature to make it easy to attach or remove your camera.

Buy the TARION Camera Strap from Amazon (opens in a new tab).

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3. USA Gear Camera Strap Chest Harness

Black camera strap harness with a camera attached to it.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

A neck strap can be uncomfortable, and it can get tiring with heavy cameras. If you’re looking for other options, a chest harness is an excellent alternative.

The chest harness by USA Gear provides even weight distribution, padded shoulders for comfort, a quick-release feature, and pockets to carry small items, such as memory cards.

It’s compatible with all types of cameras and takes the strain off of your neck.

Buy the USA Gear Camera Strap Chest Harness from Amazon (opens in a new tab).

4. Art Tribute Woven Vintage Camera Strap

Red woven camera strap.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Art Tribute’s woven camera strap is creatively designed. It’s unique, expressive, durable, and comfortable.

The camera strap works with all cameras. It also has a quick-release feature that you can add on and an anti-slip surface.

It’s a popular strap, and all of the great features have also made it a top-seller on Amazon.

Buy the Art Tribute Woven Vintage Camera Strap from Amazon (opens in a new tab).

5. BlackRapid Camera Strap

Black camera strap with a camera hanging from it.
Photo courtesy of B&H.

The camera strap by BlackRapid is designed to be worn across your body instead of being around your neck.

When you’re carrying your camera, it’ll rest on your hip, which makes it easy to pick-up and shoot.

The strap is comfortable to use because it has a wide moisture-wicking shoulder pad and a zippered pocket for small accessories.

Buy the BlackRapid Camera Strap from B&H (opens in a new tab).

6. BlackRapid Double Breathe Camera Harness

BlackRapid camera strap chest harness.
Photo courtesy of B&H.

If you need to carry two cameras with attached lenses, BlackRapid’s camera harness is the best choice.

It’s durable because of the brass and zinc-allow locking carabiner on each side. It also features breathable mesh pads to ensure comfort.

The harness system is great for comfortably carrying multiple cameras for hours.

Buy the BlackRapid Double Breathe Camera Harness from B&H (opens in a new tab).

7. Peak Design Cuff

Close-up of a persons hand with a camera strap cuff on.
Photo courtesy of Peak Design.

Peak Design’s cuff is small, effective, and a great way to keep a low profile when you’re carrying a camera.

Like other Peak Design straps, it attaches with an Anchor connector that can hold up to 200 pounds.

When you’re not using the cuff, you can wrap it around your wrist and wear it as a bracelet. It has an adjustable magnetic clasp to hold it together.

If you’re looking for a minimal way to hold your camera, Peak Design’s cuff is the one to go with.

Buy the Cuff from Peak Design (opens in a new tab).

8. Vello Hand Grip Strap

Hand grip strap for cameras.
Photo courtesy of B&H.

Vello’s Hand Grip Strap is made with supple leather and has an extra strap that goes around your wrist to ensure security.

It also has an Arca-style quick-release baseplate, which you can mount to a tripod or monopod for extra support.

Overall, it’s a comfortable, secure and versatile hand grip strap.

Buy the Vello Hand Grip Strap from B&H (opens in a new tab).

9. Altura Camera Strap

Person wearing a camera strap across their body.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Altura’s camera strap is light, durable, and comfortable. The neoprene pad keeps your shoulder and neck cushioned and does a great job at distributing weight.

The also has a zippered pocket to keep small accessories, such as memory cards or lens wipes.

It’s designed to be worn across your body and has a quick-release system for easy attachment and removal.

Buy the Altura Camera Strap from Amazon (opens in a new tab).

Frequently asked questions

Do professional photographers use camera straps?

Yes, professional photographers use camera straps. However, it’s more common to see them use a sturdy one than the one that comes with the camera.

How do I choose a camera strap?

When you’re choosing a camera strap, make sure it’s able to hold your gear, has a wider strap to balance the weight, is comfortable, and looks good.

Are there any alternatives to a camera strap?

Yes, you can use a camera clip or carry small camera bags.


Camera straps are one of the best ways to carry around your camera. Make sure you find one that’s comfortable, durable, and can handle the weight of your camera.

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