Leica Q2 Review

by David Em

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The Leica Q2 is an impressive full-frame digital camera with a fixed 28mm f/1.7 lens, 47.3 MP sensor, and 4K video capability.

Leica Q2.
Photo by David Em/Portraits Refined.

Our take

Rating: 4.5/5

The Leica Q2 is ultimately the best point-and-shoot camera on the market. If you could only pick one camera with a fixed lens, the Q2 is nearly impeccable.

It has incredible image quality due to its full-frame 47.3 MP sensor, and it features a 4K video function.

Overall, the Leica Q2 is a high-performing, compact, and capable digital camera.


  • Superb image quality.
  • Slim and small body.
  • Digital zoom to 75mm.
  • Weather-resistant and durable build.


  • Fixed lens.
  • LCD doesn’t flip out.
  • Can’t connect an external microphone.

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Compare prices

The following are the Leica Q2 prices from different sites.

Leica$5,695Free shipping.Buy from Leica.
B&H$5,695Free shipping.Buy from B&H.
Adorama$5,695Free shipping.Buy from Adorama.
Moment$5,695Free shipping.Buy from Moment.

Key features

Leica’s Q2 is an absolute powerhouse. The following are its key features:

  • 47.3 MP full-frame sensor.
  • Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH. Lens.
  • Maestro II image processor.
  • 3.68 MP OLED viewfinder.
  • IP52 protective sealing against dust and spraywater.
  • Digital zoom offers focal lengths of 35, 50, and 75mm.
  • ISO 50 to 50,000.
  • 4K 24p video.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


Top of a Leica Q2 camera.
Photo by David Em/Portraits Refined.

Leica introduced Q2 in 2019 as a successor to the Q and Q-P.

It has a fixed 28mm f/1.7 Summilux lens, a 47.3 MP sensor, 4K video capabilities, is weather-resistant, and can digitally zoom to a 75mm focal length.

The images are tack sharp, and when you use the f/1.7 aperture, you get a buttery smooth background and beautiful bokeh.

Leica is one of the oldest camera manufacturers. It was founded by Ernst Leitz in 1869. Today, Leica is synonymous with quality, durability, and luxury.

The Q2 is made in Germany and has an elegant and durable design.

Leica built upon everything great about the Q and made it even better. The Q2 is essentially the best point-and-shoot camera available.

However, it comes with a hefty price tag of more than $5,000. It’s pricey, but the Q2 is worth it because the pros outweigh the cons.


The following are the Leica Q2 specifications:

Camera typeDigital 35 mm compact camera, fixed focal length.
LensLeica Summilux 28 f/1.7 ASPH., 11 elements in 9 groups, 3 aspherical elements.
Sensor resolutionActual: 50.4 MP
Effective: 47.3 MP (8368 x 5584)
Monitor3-inch fixed touchscreen LCD monitor with 1,040,000 pixels
ISO sensitivityAuto, 50 to 50,000
Shutter speedMechanical shutter: 1/2,000 to 60 seconds.
Electronic shutter: 1/40,000 to 1 second.
Color depth14 bit
Aperture rangef/1.7 to f/16
Image stabilizationOptical
Continuous shootingUp to 10 fps
Focus range11.81″ to infinity/30 cm to infinity
Macro: 6.69″ to infinity/17 cm to infinity
Focus typeManual and automatic
Autofocus system and points225-point contrast-based autofocus system
Video resolution4K
Audio recordingBuilt-in microphone (no external microphone)
Built-in flashNo
External flash connectionHot shoe
Memory card slotSingle-slot compatible with SD/SDHC/SDXC
BatteryOne BP-SCL4 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion, 7.2 VDC, 1860 mAh (Approximately 370 shots)
Dimensions (WxHxD)5.1×3.1×3.6 inches
Weight with battery1.58 lb / 718 g

Body and handling

Rear of a Leica Q2 camera.
Photo by David Em/Portraits Refined.

The body and controls of the Q2 are almost identical to the original Q. Simplicity is a key feature, making it easy to use.

The Leica Q has five buttons next to the screen, while the Q2 has three, a play button, fn button, and menu button.

The LCD monitor is large and touchscreen, but it doesn’t swivel. It’s built like a tank, and it feels that way.

A hand or neck strap is crucial because it has a textured body and thumb grip, but it’s easy for the Q2 to slip out of your hands.

A compact design, durable magnesium body, weather sealing, and an elegant look make the Q2 a desirable camera.

It’s smaller than many DSLR and mirrorless cameras, but it’s not as small as many people claim or it’s advertised to be.

The body is slim and compact. However, the lens sticks out and makes it difficult to fit in a pocket or small bag.

It’s best to carry it around your neck or in a camera bag.


For performance, the Leica Q2 is immaculate. It’s a silent and powerful camera with an autofocus system that works quickly and accurately.

Regardless of the time of day, the Leica Q2 can capture superb images.

It performs incredibly well in low-light conditions because there’s not a ton of digital noise at higher ISOs.

The Q2 also offers a macro mode limited to f/2.8 as the maximum aperture.

It allows you to get very close to the subject, and the sharpness is top-notch. Overall, the Q2 is a well-performing camera.

Image quality

Front of a Leica Q2 camera.
Photo by David Em/Portraits Refined.

Image quality is where the Leica Q2 shines. It has a high-quality 47.3 MP full-frame sensor. Even with the digital zoom to 75mm, it maintains the same quality.

Regardless of the aperture, the images it captures of exceptionally sharp and detailed. With a large aperture, the bokeh and blur are beautiful.

The main drawback with image quality is the color rendition of JPEGs. The results don’t have much contrast, and the colors look dull.

However, RAW performance is excellent, and it has a base ISO of 50, which maximizes the dynamic range.


Yes, Leica’s Q2 shoots beautiful 4K videos, but it’s not the best camera for video. It’s capable of shooting DCI 4K at 24p or UHD 4K at 24 or 30p.

It has the basic video options and getting into video mode is confusing at first.

Unlike Canon, Sony, or Nikon cameras, Leica’s Q2 switches to video mode by swiping the touchscreen or going to the menu and tapping the video option.

Additionally, you can’t connect an external microphone to the Leica Q2. So, you’ll need to record audio with its built-in microphone or on another device.

Another drawback is the fixed 28mm lens. As you record videos with the Q2, you may wish you had a zoom or other lens.

Overall, it has limitations when it comes to video recording. Consider 4K video a benefit of the Q2, instead of it being a deciding factor.

Frequently asked questions

Is Leica Q2 made in Germany?

Like other Leica cameras, Q2 is made with high-quality workmanship in Germany.

Does the Leica Q2 have a leaf shutter?

One of the best improvements Leica made to the Q2 is the redesigned mechanical leaf shutter. It’s near-silent and offers faster flash syncing up to 1/2,000.

Does Leica Q2 have face detection?

Yes, the Leica Q2 has face detection, and it works exceptionally with one subject. Whether the subject takes up a small or large part of the frame, the face detection on the Q2 can track them.

Is the Leica Q2 for you?

The Leica Q2 produces stunning photos and videos, but it’s not for everyone. If your budget is less than nearly $6,000 for a camera, it’s not for you.

Additionally, the Q2 has a fixed 28mm lens. If you want the ability to swap your lens, spend a little more by going with Leica’s M-System or SL-System.

Overall, Leica’s Q2 is worth the investment if you can afford it and appreciate the 28mm lens with digital zoom capabilities.

It produces exceptionally sharp images, beautiful videos, and is a high-quality camera that’ll last decades.

The Leica Q2 is one that you can bring everywhere you go and capture spectacular pro-level images. The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Featured image by David Em/Portraits Refined.

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