Pinterest for Photographers – The Complete Marketing Guide

by David Em

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Pinterest is a visual search engine. It’s an excellent way to get exposure and find clients. Learn how to use Pinterest for photographers.

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Pinterest is an excellent way to get your photography in front of more people. It’s a must-use tool for growing your photography business.

Almost half a billion people use Pinterest every month.

While you may not do that many photoshoots, Pinterest can be a source of lead generation. Also, you can inspire others with your creativity.

The following is your complete Pinterest for photographers guide.

Why use Pinterest for photographers?

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Pinterest is an excellent marketing opportunity for photographers. It can get your photography in front of new audiences.

Unlike other platforms, Pinterest is about the future. People use it for ideas and inspiration rather than status updates.

Regardless of your photography niche, Pinterest can lead to new clients.

People will discover your photos and click through to your website. It grows your brand awareness, and some people may book your services.

Since Pinterest is a global platform, not everyone will be an ideal client. But they may know someone in your area or become a fan of your work.

When using Pinterest, cohesion is essential. Keep everything on-brand to ensure potential clients know what to expect.

Learning how to use Pinterest for photographers can turn viewers into clients.

More clients and brand awareness benefit your business.

How to start using Pinterest for photographers

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The first step for using Pinterest is to create an account. If you already have one, switch it to a business account.

A business profile gives you insights and data. It allows you to track your performance, see demographics, and run ads.

After you sign up or switch your account, claim your website. It unlocks your analytics and shows your website on your profile.

The next step is to optimize your profile.

Add your location because it can lead to local clients. People can see the area you serve before reaching out.

Then, create boards, which are a collection of Pins. Separate your boards with the different types of photography you do.

Also, add a profile picture. You can use a picture of yourself with a camera or your business logo.

Next, add an account description. Introduce yourself as a photographer and share what makes you unique.

Now, you’re ready to create and share Pins.

How to create good Pins

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An excellent Pin has a good design, a catchy title, and a well-written description.

Before designing a Pin, use the best sizes. Pinterest recommends a 2:3 aspect ratio or 1,000 by 1,500 pixels. The file type can be JPEG or PNG.

Now that you know the correct specs, you can create a design.

Use a graphic design tool like Canva, Adobe Spark, or Photoshop to upload images and add text overlays.

Most of your Pins will be images, as your focus is photography.

When choosing images, consider the type of photography you want to do. Also, showcase only your best work.

Your Pins should have cohesion with the photography niche and editing styles.

Upload your Pin to Pinterest and add a title and description.

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Include your business name, the type of photo, and the location you serve. Also, add a link to your website and a call to action.

An eye-catching design will get viewers to click the Pin. Then, your description can lead them to your website.

Create boards for clients

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Pinterest is an excellent resource for existing clients. You can create mood boards for photoshoot inspiration, poses, and outfits.

Share the boards with clients before the session. They can tell you their favorites, which allows you to make a plan for the photoshoot.

It helps the client experience, leading to a smooth process and better reviews.

Boards for clients are one of the best ways to use Pinterest for photographers.

Use a Pinterest scheduling tool

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Consistent posting can help you grow your Pinterest account. You may not have time to publish a Pin each time.

A scheduling tool allows you to prepare Pins and choose when to publish them. Then, the app or website does it for you.

While Pinterest has a scheduler, it’s not as efficient as other tools.

Canva, Planoly, Later, and Tailwind are the best Pinterest-approved scheduling tools.

Frequently asked questions about Pinterest for photographers

Should I post my photography on Pinterest?

Yes, post your photography on Pinterest to grow your profile and reach more people. Potential clients can discover your work on Pinterest, leading to bookings.

Can photographers make money on Pinterest?

Photographers can make money on Pinterest by driving viewers to their websites. Then, a viewer can buy their photo prints or book a photoshoot. Photographers can also partner with photography brands and share sponsored content.

How do I make my Pins go viral on Pinterest?

A viral Pin can be outstanding for your photography business. You must have eye-catching images, catchy titles, and easy-to-read text. Also, write descriptions with optimization in mind. Then, leave it up to Pinterest’s algorithm to do the rest.


Now that you know the importance of Pinterest for photographers, you can start using it.

Pinterest is an engaging platform that can lead to clients and inspiration.

Be sure to link your Pins to your website. It can drive traffic to your online portfolio and lead to inquiries.

You can also use Pinterest for photoshoot inspiration and boost your creativity.

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