Differences between RAW and JPEG

Person taking a photo.

A RAW file is uncompressed, while a JPEG file is compressed. Aside from that, here are the differences between RAW and JPEG.

How to shoot portraits at night

Night portrait of a person with their hand on their face.

Low light portraits can be challenging but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. Here’s how to shoot great portraits at night with or without flash.

How to capture sharp portraits

Selective focus on a person wearing a leather jacket and looking to the side.

Whether you’re shooting in automatic or manual mode, getting sharp images is vital. Here’s your guide to capturing sharp portraits and avoid blurry images.

How to shoot senior portraits

Backlit portrait of a person looking down.

Seniors are in an exciting time where they’re transitioning from high school to college. Here’s your complete guide to photographing senior portraits.

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