What’s the blue hour?

Water and sky during blue hour.

The blue hour refers to a time that typically happens twice a day. Either right before the sun rises or after the sun goes down.

Understanding color in photography

View of a rainbow over trees from a hilltop.

Along with light, a fundamental skill to understand is how to use color in photography. It’ll lead to powerful and aesthetic images.

What’s texture in photography?

Close-up of a leaf showing its texture.

In photography, texture refers to the feel and appearance of a surface. It can range from your subject’s clothes to the sand in a landscape.

How to create rim lighting

Greyscale portrait of a person with rim light.

Rim lighting is a photography technique where light highlights a subject’s silhouette. It’s a great technique to use indoors or outdoors.

How to take amazing group photos

Group of friends having a picnic in a field.

Learn what gear you need to have, tips to make sure everyone’s in focus, and how to find locations to take amazing group photos.

How to take aesthetic photos

Person standing on a rock in the water during a sunset.

Aesthetics has to do with how beautiful something looks and the appreciation of it. Learn aesthetic photography tips for better photos.

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